Curbside Pickup

What is Curbside Pickup?

Curbside Pickup is a way of selling that is similar to a delivery service, allowing customers to make purchases online and pick up their packages from a designated location. It differs from in-store pickup because the customer does not have to leave their vehicles to get their order, as someone from the staff is responsible for delivering it.

How does Curbside Pickup work?

During the checkout process, the customer selects the curbside pickup option available on the website. Upon completion of payment, if the product is in stock, the customer receives a notification informing them that everything is set for curbside pickup and that they can head to the designated pick-up location.

It’s important for the company has efficient customer service to explain the way for customers to notify it when they arrive for pickup and know a designated place where customers can wait for their order.

What are the benefits of Curbside Pickup?

Some of the benefits of curbside pickup are:

  • Fast order preparation – no need for packaging or shipping;
  • No risk of damage during shipping;
  • No shipping costs;
  • Improved customer experience.

When a company implement a new delivery option, this could positively impact sales and growth. This type of service could be an opportunity for every business to leverage the customer experience, as Target is making with other retailers, such as Starbucks, as seen in this article.

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