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This exam evaluates overall knowledge in commerce, with a broad approach over the essential subjects applicable to any digital commerce professional.

120 multiple choice questions

Length: 2 hours and 40 minutes


Live and proctored environment


This exam evaluates knowledge in commerce, with questions that reflect challenges that digital commerce professionals face at a senior level.

40 multiple choice questions

Length: 3 hours and 20 minutes


Live and proctored environment


This exam evaluates deeper knowledge and experience in commerce, exploring real world business-case scenarios and complex problems.

15 multiple choice + 15 essay type questions

Length: 4 hours


Live and proctored environment

Why should I get certified?

You will be able to maximise your career opportunities, showcase your expertise and prove your competencies.

You will receive a reliable, impartial, and globally recognised verification of your knowledge and capabilities.

You will be part of an elite group of professionals who have reached the highest level of experience in the digital commerce market - globally.

Who is this certification for?

CMX exams are designed for ecommerce management executives. However, there are no prerequisites to take the CMX Level 1 exam, other than your passion, ambition and empirical knowledge of commerce.

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Certified by industry leaders

The Commerce Management Certification is hosted and accredited by EICOM Institute.

Our faculty members have expansive empirical knowledge of the global commerce scape. Their industry expertise and management experience within global commerce organisations shape the exams, syllabus and grading methodology.

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