Endless aisle

What is Endless Aisle?

Endless Aisle is a solution that allows customers to shop in-store for products that are out of stock or not available at that specific store. They can buy what they need from totem platform or digital devices such as tablets or smartphones provided by the store. These products can be picked up at the store later or delivered directly to customers' homes. For this reason, Endless Aisle is also known as “buy in store, ship to customer” feature.

What are the benefits of Endless Aisle?

Among the benefits of Endless Aisle, we can highlight:

  • Reduction of lost sales;
  • Improvement cross-selling and upselling opportunities;
  • Increasement of the variety of products available without crowding the stock;
  • Extension of the digital experience provided to the customers;
  • Enhanced customer experience.

Exhibit - What consumers do when they can’t find what they’re looking for

Why is Endless Aisle important?

Although Ecommerce is very popular these days and people like the comfort of shopping at home, some customers still prefer to go to physical stores to see the product in person or have personalized service before buying it. In this way, Endless Aisle meets the needs of these customers while maintaining the retail revolution.

Besides that, Endless Aisle is one of biggest strengths in a Omnichannel strategy, because of the stockout rate reduction and the leverage of the frictionless experience.

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