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The Entry-Level education by EICOM is a tailor-made program for companies to transform their entry-level professionals into digital commerce specialists.

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This hands-on programme educates collaborators on how to think in innovative and effective ways, study the different knowledge dimensions of Digital Commerce, and develop the skills expected of a high performance Digital Commerce Specialist.


Count on both a theoretical and practical approach. Entry-level Education by EICOM is a 22 months long journey made up of two smaller journeys:

Theoretical Intensive Journey

Preparation for Excellence in Digital Commerce

4 months

This first months of the learning experience are designed to equip your employees with a foundational theoretical context, and a set of tools and concepts that prepare them to tackle problems in digital commerce with confidence.

Practical Intensive Journey

Embodying Excellence in Digital Commerce

18 months

The remainder of the programme will take a much more practical and problem oriented approach, diving into the five knowledge dimensions of Digital Commerce:

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