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The Digital Commerce Assessment is made for companies seeking to improve their recruitment processes for Digital Commerce positions.

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The right tool to evaluate the best fit candidates for your business

Empower your company with a high-level grading methodology, developed from the vast experience of EICOM Institute in assessing commerce knowledge.

Our examination is delivered fully online, with ease of access for the candidates and an average grading of less than 72 working hours.

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A high-level examination, covering different topics in each of the 5 knowledge dimensions required for a thorough digital commerce professional:

Digital Commerce Knowledge Dimensions: Supply Chain and Operations, Digital Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Technology and Data, Sales and Merchandizing

With a format of multiple choice and essay questions, the Digital Commerce Assessment is able to evaluate the knowledge, skills and experience of the candidates throughout a variety of scenarios. Receive recommendations for recruiting based on the candidate's skill-set.

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