UI (User Interface)

What is UI?

The concept of User Interface (UI) is related to the elements that are presented to the user to improve their interaction with software and applications, websites and even physical products. It consists of all that enables and facilitates navigation on the company's platform and the presentation of its product or service, such as adequate page layouts, images, sounds, buttons, icons and texts. Its main objective is to create a good interface to improve the user experience, making it more accessible, satisfactory and usable.

Why is UI important?

Building a good User Interface brings many benefits for a company by improving the experience of the clients and their level of satisfaction with the product or service.Through UI techniques such as prototyping, your company can save time and spend less money, making sure your product is designed and tested at an early stage, before developing anything else. It also strengthens the brand, as it becomes a competitive advantage. The benefits are even greater when UI and User Experience (UX) are combined.

What are the main UI softwares?

To work with User Interface productively, it is essential to use the best tools, in order to achieve the expected performance. An UI designer can work with different levels of fidelity of the interface being prototyped. In general, tools that are the most used for high fidelity prototypes are: 

Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch

However, note that UI design is much more than knowing how to use specific tools. It's about making an interface usable to a level it minimizes the user errors, it considers information hierarchy, types, colors, it needs to consider accessibility, give proper feedbacks, and also know when it's needed to draw attention to key features and when minimize the number of actions to perform certain tasks.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

As both UI and UX are related and complement each other, they are often confused. Although complementary, they are not the same thing. What sets them apart is that UI is about the layout itself and how people interact with it, while UX is about the overall experience of the user during this interaction and what they take away from it. UI design is more concerned with the surface, it refers to graphical user interfaces and other forms, such as gesture based and voice-controlled interfaces.

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