BOSS (Buy Online Ship to Store)

What is BOSS?

BOSS stands for 'Buy Online Ship to Store'. Many businesses provide this service, which allows customers to order things online and have them shipped to a retail store for pickup. This is an excellent alternative for customers who want the ease of online shopping but the security of being able to pick up their items in person. Important to say that even if the product that the customer wants isn’t in stock at that specific moment the person can make an order and secure the product.

How does BOSS work?

The purchase process through BOSS consists of:

  1. The customer makes the purchase online through the website or mobile app or in a physical store;
  2. Depends of the scenario, they choose the pick up option;
  3. When the item is at the customer’s local store, they are notified so they can pick up the order.

When they arrive at the store, they will need to show identification and the order number in order to get their items. This is an important part of the process to mitigate fraud attempts.

What are the benefits of BOSS?

Among the benefits of Ship to Store, we can highlight:

  • No shipping costs;
  • Free access to national inventory to the customers;
  • Reduction of lost sales;
  • Increasement of the variety of products available without crowding the stock.

Additionally, it gives customers more flexibility in terms of delivery options since they can choose to pick up their items in store or have them shipped directly to their home.

What is the relationship between BOSS and Omnichannel?

BOSS is an element of the omnichannel shopping experience, which offers customers a unified and integrated purchasing experience across numerous channels such as online stores, physical stores, and mobile apps. BOSS enables users to buy things online and then pick them up in-store, bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

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