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In-Company Executive Education

Build a workforce that drives your Digital Transformation 

Companies' digital transformation start with people. Our In-company Executive Programme transforms professionals into commerce experts who will drive the changes your company needs.

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Key benefits for your company:


Filter and support talented staff members


Form the ‘knowledge’ of your business


Build a workforce that drives your Digital Transformation

More than 100 commerce executives from different countries have attended our In-company Executive Programmes:

Argentina 🇦🇷
Brazil 🇧🇷
Colombia 🇨🇴
Chile 🇨🇱
Mexico 🇲🇽
Peru 🇵🇪
Romania 🇷🇴
Singapore 🇸🇬
Spain 🇪🇸

Shape the future of your company

A practical and theoretical mixed learning methodology to ramp up talents to accelerate digital transformation.

Tailor made programme

Problem-based Education methodology built with your L&D team

Grounded on real cases

Educational modules and track based on specific business challenges

Great learning experience

Exclusive LMS environment to maximise employees experience

Our In-company Executive Programme includes:

  • Diagnosis of the student group with individual skills assessment
  • Mentorship for each employee with dedicated specialists
  • Benchmark with industries' professionals that faced similar challenges


Theoretical Intensive Journey

Preparation for Excellence in Digital Commerce

This first months of the learning experience are designed to equip your employees with a foundational theoretical context, and a set of tools and concepts that prepare them to tackle problems in digital commerce with confidence.

Practical Intensive Journey

Embodying Excellence in Digital Commerce

The remainder of the programme will take a much more practical and problem oriented approach, diving into the five knowledge dimensions of Digital Commerce:

Graph showing the methodology and flow of knowledge in digital commerce. 
Why? Phase: Strategy Content: Omnichannel
Where? Phase: Value Proposition Content: Culture, Human Capital and Customer
What? Phase: Growing Revenue Content: Digital Marketing, Sales & Merchandising, Supply Chain & Operations. Phase: Enabling Revenue. Content: Technology and Data, Evaluating Digital Business Models.
How? Phase: Leading change. Content: Building Competitive: Digital Transformation, The Moulding Mind of Digital Commerce, Customer Experience

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