NRF 2023

EICOM Institute has curated a Custom Guide of the NRF 2023 Agenda, so you can find the most relevant content according to your profile.

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A curated guide of nrf 2023

Quickly find the contents that will match your profile and that will meet your needs! The NRF 2023 agenda curated by  EICOM Institute for different personas:

Startup Mindset

Starting the digitalisation process of your company. Building the step by step vision of transformation that digital is bringing to your business. Developing people skills inside company to run this digitalisation.

High Performance

Challenging people, businesses and processes with models of efficiency and greater profitability than its competitors. Huge focus on digital channels in all projects that bring streams of revenue to your business.

Disruptors & Creators

Leading the change of business model in your segment, establishing a new Status Quo. Innovating by way of "doing" and finding the result.

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