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Build a future-proof career

Employment related to ecommerce has grown significantly in the last years, outpacing other types of retail.

The demand for online shopping is growing in current and future generations. For this reason, the growth of companies associated with ecommerce ensures that this is a market that will guarantee career opportunities and high salaries for many years to come.

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Build a future-proof career



58.4%of internet users buy something online every week.



In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted USD 4.9 trillion worldwide



Forecast of growth on  retail e-commerce sales over the next four years

Source: Ecommerce Guide

The demand for online shopping is growing in current and future generations. With this, the growth of retailers and technology companies associated with ecommerce ensures that this is a market that will guarantee career growth and high salaries for many years to come.

Digital Commerce expert is a complete course!

A methodology that encompasses different knowledge dimensions, will give you a complete view of ecommerce. Perfect for you to consider several aspects in decision making and know how to position yourself on strategic matters.

Expand and deepen your knowledge of digital commerce

Methodology that covers theoretical classes and practical projects

Classes with influential and active professionals of the commerce industry

Study at a global reference institution in Digital Transformation


I. Current business analysis

  • Revisualise your customers and analyse their needs

  • Reevaluate the Digital Ecosystem

  • Reinvent your Business

  • A new organisational structure:
    The role of IT
    Creating a Digital Culture
    Future Logistics

II. Digital Strategy in Action

  • Future Technologies, Tools and Processes

  • Future Sales

  • RGM in Digital Commerce

  • Introducing a new market power - the ethical consumer
  • The human element - driving digital transformation
  • Product innovation
  • Optimising the use of AI
  • Creating a digital culture
  • Smart KPIs
  • The heart of the digital transformation strategy - Organisational Structure
  • Conversational commerce
  • Understanding the digital consumer

What will you find in this course?

Foundations of Digital Commerce

  • Introduction

  • Ecommerce career

    • What is Ecommerce?

    • What do Ecommerce experts do?

    • Core skills of Ecommerce specialists

    • Careers in Ecommerce

  • Map out the opportunities

  • Ecommerce framework

Customer Centricity for Digital Commerce

  • Behavioural foundations

    • The Moving from Product-focused to Customer-Focused Strategy 

    • Changes in Shopping Behaviours: new forms of Interaction

  • The rise of Digital channels

Digital Literacy

  • Mindset in Digital Commerce 

    • How Technology Changes Business 

    • Data-Driven maturity

    • The Trinitarian Equation 

    • The multidimensional mindset

  • Evaluating Digital Business Models

    • P&L analysis 

    • Cases

  • Managing Human Capital 

  • Omnichannel Retail Strategy 

Digital Marketing 

  • The customer journey and the marketing funnel 

  • Traffic Channels

    • Organic traffic

    • Paid traffic 

    • SEO

  • Performance marketing 

    • Analytics

  • Introduction to social media and email marketing

Sales and Merchandising

  • Introducing Daily Ritual Management Processes in Sales 

  • Procurement Management Essentials

  • Sales analysis framework

  • Cross-channels sales strategies 

Supply Chain and Operations

  • Basic logistics concepts

    • What is Logistics?

    • Logistics GDP, inbound/outbound, warehousing, fulfilment, cross-docking

  • Supply chain management

    • How supply chains influence competitiveness 

    • How to pick the right KPIs

  • Inventory management & fulfilment

    • Fulfilment architecture in digital transformation strategies

    • Order workflow

    • Last-mile value chain

    • Omnichannel operation models

    • BOSS, BOPIS, Headless Aisle, Dark Stores 

  • Logistics as a marketing tool

Technology and Data

  • Platforms

    • Programming languages

    • Types of Platforms

    • Digital Commerce Software Ecosystem 

  • Product management

  • Integrations

    • Back-end 

    • Front-end

  • Customer Experience 

    • UX and UI

    • Tools

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