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Digital Commerce expert is a complete course!

A methodology that encompasses different knowledge dimensions, will give you a complete view of ecommerce. Perfect for you to consider several aspects in decision making and know how to position yourself on strategic matters.

Expand and deepen your knowledge of digital commerce

Methodology that covers theoretical classes and practical projects

Classes with influential and active professionals of the commerce industry

Study at a global reference institution in Digital Transformation

What will you find in this course?

Foundations of Digital Commerce

  • Digital Commerce vs Ecommerce?

  • What is Ecommerce?

  • Ecommerce career

    • Core skills of Ecommerce specialists

    • What do Ecommerce experts do?

    • Knowledge dimensions

    • Careers in Ecommerce

  • Map out the opportunities

  • Ecommerce Business Analysis

Customer Centricity for Digital Commerce

  • Behavioural foundations

    • Customer Centricity and Product-centric Strategies

    • Changes in Shopping Behaviours: new forms of Interaction

  • Customer Experience & Customer Journey

Digital Literacy

  • Mindset in Digital Commerce

    • The Key to Digital Transformation

    • The multidimensional mindset

  • Evaluating Digital Business Models

    • Introduction to P&L

    • P&L analysis 

    • Cases

  • Managing Human Capital 

  • Omnichannel Retail Strategy 

Digital Marketing 

  • Marketing Funnel

  • Traffic Sources

  • Findability and Discoverability

  • Paid Traffic and Performance

  • Introduction to social media and email marketing

Sales and Merchandising

  • Sales-Marketing Relationship

  • Daily Sales Rituals

  • Procurement Essentials

  • Assortment

  • Margin Mix and Sales Strategies

Supply Chain and Operations

  • The Core Business Competence: Supply Chain and Operations

  • What is Logistics? and Operations?

  • Logistics Essentials

  • How to pick the right KPIs

  • Fulfillment Models and Operations

  • Logistics as a marketing tool

Technology and Data

  • How does Technology enable your Career?

  • Tech Stack for Digital Commerce

  • Digital Commerce Ecosystem

  • Product management

  • Back-end & Front-end

    • Architectures and Platforms

  • User Experience

    • UX Tools

  • Data Essentials

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English with captions in Portuguese and Spanish

learning path

A holistic approach over a total of 7 modules

recommended reading

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14 hours of content

Self-paced learning: studying approximately 2 hours per week, you'll finish the course in 7 weeks

peer learning Platform

Your classes will be on an online platform where you will connect with learners around the world

CERTIFICATE of completion

You'll be awarded with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course

Who is this course for?

For professionals who want to have a comprehensive view of the strategy and operation of an ecommerce, who seek to stand out in the market and who want to make the difference in the companies where they work.

For people who want to migrate to another area and enter one of the fastest growing segments in the world, which still has a lot of room for expansion.

Who is this course for?


Professionals starting their career in digital commerce


Professionals migrating to digital commerce

Those who want to take a second step and develop a holistic view of the area

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April 14th, 2023


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US$ 189,00

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the impact on student's view

Listening to the classes and reviewing all the knowledge shared confirms to me that by learning more about technology will help me to understand how to enable revenue. It's really cool to see all of it coming together.

Lorena Pozzan

DCE Student

This module is very complete in exploring the general areas to implement a customer focused strategy across all the company

Jorge Soto

DCE Student

Module 1 laid an excellent foundation to move forward with the course. The Digital Commerce T-Shaped professional captured a great overview of what skillsets/mindset we need to acquire to become an expert in the e-commerce world.

Noemi Joly

DCE Student

Module 1 brought us a broad view of the profile of an ecommerce expert.

Aline Miranda

DCE Student


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